Does it hurt? 

Most of the time its more of annoying feeling.  But certain parts of the body more than others. ie. ribs, chest, inner arm.  Then there are some people who don't mind at all and can fall asleep through it. 

How much does it cost?

We are a custom studio. All things are considered in pricing. Location, color, time....Best thing to do is come in and speak with an artist to get an accurate quote. 

Do I have to make an appointment?

NO. We absolutely accept walk in clients. If we are super busy at the time we can always make an appointment for you. 

Do you steralize your piercing and tattooing needles?

They are one time use only, pre gas sterilized never used again ! Once used, they go into a bio container and picked up by a bio disposal company. Just like at a Dr.'s office. 

Can my mom or dad sign for me to get a tattoo?

Nope! California law states you have to be 18 to get a tattoo regardless of parental consent. 

Can my parent sign for me to get a piercing?

Yes! They will have to show proper ID showing they are in fact your parent or legal guardian. No older brothers, sisters, or cousins. 

Do you take credit cards?


Is my piercing infected?

More than likely not but please come in in person so we can see it and professionally determine. 

Do you sell needles, ink, or "guns"? 

No we do not! Please do not ask. Professional tattooers and piercers get their equipment from INDUSTRY ONLY vendors. 

My buddy says he'll do my tattoo cheaper!

Then please go to your buddy. Even if you do not get tattooed or pierced  with us please remember, you get what you pay for. It's your skin your body. Trust a professional only. 

For any more questions please feel free to email us. We try to answer as fast as possible. Please visit us on facebook and instagram. Leave us comments and reviews! Thank you for your time and thank you for choosing Artifact Tattoo