Thank you for choosing Artifact Tattoo

By choosing Artifact Tattoo & Body Piercing, you can rest assured that your piercing was done professionally, with your health and safety as a priority. By following our aftercare instructions, your healing should be trouble free. 

Cleaning solutions/products

A mild liquid soap, such as Dr. Bronners is preferred by many including us. Alternative products, although not suggested, should be chosen by avoiding those that contain fragrances, dyes, and other additives that can dry or irritate the newly forming  skin. Please DO NOT use rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin, betadine, iodine, Hibiclens, Bactine, or any anti bacterial soap as well as any other products not recommended by your piercer. 

Approximate healing time

Everyone heals at a different rate for various reasons. Take care of yourself; a healthy diet and lifestyle will help the healing of your piercing. 

Two rules for every piercing

1. Keep your piercing clean

2. Do not touch your piercing unless your hands are clean

Cleaning instructions

Cleaning your new piercing is typically done twice a day. Most consider it the easiest to be done in the shower. Over cleaning can potentially lead to irritation and prolonged healing time. 

WASH YOUR HANDS thoroughly prior to touching your new piercing. One of the most common caused of infection and irritation is touching it with dirty hands. 

1. Prepare the area for cleaning by removing any crusty matter that may be on the jewelry surrounding the piercing. This is best done by one of the following.

   a. Letting warm water shower run over the piercing.

   b. Applying sea salt soaks

   c. Soaking the piercing in warm water and then gently removing the matter with clean hands or a folded paper towel 

2. Place  a small amount of cleaning solution on your fingertips. 

3. Lather the area with the cleaning solution on your fingertips. 

4. Allow the solution to remain on the area for no more that thirty seconds. 

5. Rinse the area thoroughly under running water and remove all of the cleaning solution. 

6. Gently pat dry the area. 


What to expect

A normal healing piercing might:

Redness, itchiness, swelling, and tenderness are normal

Red, white, light yellow, and clear discharge are normal. The crust that may form on or around the piercing is not pus. It is the body's natural way of healing the piercing. 


Signs of infection

Although these symptoms may indicate other types of problems, after the first 4 weeks of healing specific symptoms include:

   severe redness

   swelling or hardness around the piercing

  pain, especially throbbing pain

   heat sensation at or around the piercing

   thick discharge that is yellow or green

If you suspect that you have an infection, we ask that you contact us immediately. RARELY do piercings get infected, but if you believe you have an infection, DO NOT REMOVE the jewelry. Doing so may trap the infection insdide the piercing and create a more problematic situation.